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Univ​ersal Moving Co.


Basic Coverage

60 cents per pound per article, up to $20,000. Ensures recovery at 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the item or the carton it’s packed.

Basic Coverage is includes in the hourly rate at no charge to the shipper.

Actual Cash Value

This option provides for lost or damaged articles based on actual cash value, including depreciation, at the time of loss or damage, up to the total amount of value declared by the customer.

The maximum fixed rate for Actual Cash Value protection provided by the carrier will be charge $0.75 for each $100 of declared value.

Full Value

This option provides replacement of or reimbursement for the lost or damaged article(s) based on current cost of replacement, up to the total dollar amount of valuation declared by the customer.

We Also Offered Deductibles With Full Value Protection

No deductible

$1.50 for each $100 of declared value

Deductible of $500

$0.50 for each $100 of declared value

Deductible of $750

$0.25 for each $100 of declared value